Deus Ex: Watch Dogs Live Revolution

Watch Dogs Live is the application that turns your mobile phone into a hacker device! Immerse yourself  into the sci-fi world of tomorrow where you would never ask why can’t i endorse someone on LinkedIn! You will become the most powerful and significant creature in the world, capable of shaking and changing the reality around you as you wish. Social networks, bank accounts, security systems, Linkedin network – nothing can resist the unprecedented power of your intellect and mobile phone!

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Watch Dogs Live is a gaming mobile application that allows you to hack and capture real-world objects: ATMs, gas stations, police stations. The project received three prestigious awards in several categories.

Today we have new developed mobile applications for iPhone and Android with the same cause. A task was to create a mobile live version of the future game, which will allow players to go into the shooter story of the main character and use their phone as a weapon for various objects. The customer was Circus Intersection for Publicis Canada.

Watch Dogs 2014

Ubisoft Revolution of  2014

In 2014, the Canadian company Ubisoft Montreal released the world-famous multiplatform computer game Watch Dogs, where the protagonist used a mobile phone to hack various systems and electronic devices. 

The incredible popularity of the game has led many disgruntled parents to speak out. They believe that Watch Dogs teaches children to actually hack into mobile devices and information networks.

“Watch Dogs teaches you to hack everything that is connected to your dock in your bedroom. What is wrong with us? What do we think? We ourselves pull all this into our homes and lives. We teach this to our children disguised as entertainment. ”

Watch Dogs was accused of teaching children how to hack into cell phones and information networks on American radio. As it became known, Glenn Beck, who is a commentator and founder of the independent news network The Blaze, urged the public to take a closer look at what children teach video games and Watch Dogs in particular.

“The idea is that you are taught how to hack into information networks and peer at what is happening in other people’s lives, including their bedrooms. And all this by hacking their phones and other digital devices, ”said Back.

As we know, Back also cited several reports of suicides and acts of violence that were preceded by regular Call of Duty games. The host also recalled the 2011 incident in Norway, when Andres Breivik killed 77 people and stated that he was preparing his attack by training in Call of Duty games.

Obviously, the new project Ubisoft suffered the fate of GTA and other popular games in which there is an image of violence and cruelty. However, Beck did not blame Ubisoft for promoting violence and cybercrime at Watch Dogs – instead, he urged adults to pay attention to what their children were playing.

Ubisoft games - Assassin's Creed series

Your Cyber Menu for today: Watch Dogs Live

1. The essence of the game

According to the plot, the task of gamers is to bankrupt the dishonest tycoon in order to steal all his savings. Every day, players use a code that they took upon themselves.

The game combines a fictional and real world. The application is built on geo-social mechanics. In Canada there are police stations, night clubs, ATMs, etc.

This is an opportunity to earn points, upgrade skills, select objects from each other and compete for the title of Canada’s coolest hacker. The most active players receive valuable prizes weekly.

2. The highlight of the game

All captures and hacks, the players performed virtually. But Ubisoft decided to add originality, increasing the volume and virality of the action.

Every day, users get access to popular sports shows and the theft of a secret freight container. Anyone could take part in these missions.

Video recordings instantly became viral and gained tremendous audience reach.

3. Campaign Results

  • An unprecedented level of involvement – 80% of those who installed the application became active participants in the game.
  • TOP 5 AppStore Canada.
  • Over 200,000 installations.
  • Over 500,000 views on YouTube.
  • 8,700,000 “hacker attacks.”
  • More than 10,480,000 free media shows.
  • Summary
  • Ubisoft-enabled gaming mobile application implements a successful advertising campaign.

The Watch Dogs Live application has been removed from the AppStore and Google Play, but the success story of the project has remained on the Webby Awards website.

4. Awards

Webby Award Winner 2015

1st place in nominations:

  • Advertising & Media
  • Mobile Campaigns

44th CMA Awards

1st place in nominations:

  • Top Honour
  • Advertising
  • Community Engagement (PR and Social Media)
  • Digital
  • Direct Engagement
  • Experiential and Innovative Media
  • Integrated

Tappawards 2017

Grand Prix in nominations:

  • Overall
  • Acquisition strategy and loyalty
  • Online campaign (supported by media buy)
  • Integrated campaign (online + offline, supported by media buy)
  • Site or application product / promotional
  • Experiential site or application
  • Site or gaming application

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