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Marc Bolan inspired rockers from San Francisco are just another fantastic band that is part of Burger Records/ Caste Face Records who are likely to have you shaking and dancing around like few bands can, with 70′s pop inspired pop/rock blended with the West Coast surf rock sound you have something truly unique. Burnt Ones and bands similar are a breath of fresh air and bands such as these are lighting the beacon so that others may join, and although the road maybe tough and San Francisco has pushed a lot of bands out of town, or making them completely stop due to the high expense of living, Burnt Ones are living proof that it can be done. They are taking their pop inspired fuzzed out sound across the states and soon to the shores of Great Britain. After a series of EP’s, LP’s on a variety of labels (Including Burger) they are set to release their third full length album “Gift” via John Dwyer’s record label Caste Face. You can listen to the song ”New Heroes of Subscription Services” which is from the new album here:

We caught up with Amy and Mark to find out more. Enjoy.

  1. Whats it like working with John Dwyer and whats it like being apart of Caste Face Records?

Amy: John is a cool guy.
Mark: It’s hard work, but he’s the boss, you know?

  1. Whats a day like for you guys (What do you get up to etc)?
    Amy: Work.
    Mark: A typical day usually involves several hours of coping with working dead-end jobs that we hate and figuring out how to pay our rent because Burnt Ones certainly doesn’t keep the lights on.
  2. You have shows coming up with the one and only Ty Segall whats he like and are you excited?
    Amy: Ty is a cool guy.
    Mark: The one and only!
  3. Your sound is very typical to SF and the west coast at the moment, where has this come from and why is the scene so strong at the moment?
    Amy: HA! Well, I guess we sound typical then. Anyone is consciously or subconsciously influenced by their surroundings, so it’s not surprising that music or art from a certain area is grouped together.
    Mark: I think most of the bands people associate with San Francisco no longer live here or are no longer bands. With all due respect, I’d also say the majority of bands/sounds people have been associating SF with don’t really have much of physical or conscious presence here anymore. The entire city is changing and becoming too expensive for a lot of people to live here and be able to afford to work on art at the same time. I think the more relevant music out of San Francisco is a lot bleaker and more punk based than what were are doing, so I’m not sure we are too typical of the type of music that actually matters in the city at the moment.
  4. What are your five top tracks at the moment?
    Mark: 1. Oneohtrix Point Never – Burning Angel, 2. Creeping Pink – The Rainbow, 3. Plum Clods – Holiday Thinking, 4. Raw McCartney – Lust For Life, 5. Peaking Lights – All the Sun That Shines
  5. If you weren’t in a band what would you all be doing?
    Mark: I’d probably be working in a factory, a corner store or dead.
  6. Will you be heading to the U.K any time soon?
    Amy: Yes, we plan on touring there later this year.
  7. Apart from the obvious influence of Marc Bolan and T. Rex what else inspired you to create music or influence you to?
    Mark: My main influence is/was growing up as a bored, dejected, Midwestern alien. Musically, though, it’s really just Marc Bolan for me. I want to be just like him. Thinking about swapping the ‘k’ in my name to a ‘c’ (and maybe changing my last name, who knows?!?) and only performing T. Rex songs from here on out.

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