Ones To Watch For 2014

By Kieran Webber and Tom Weller

2013 saw some fantastic music and what could possibly be a 60′s rebirth. Psychedelic rock has made it’s way back to huge popularity once again and the garage rock scene has exploded. Hip Hop also took leaps and bounds with artists like Chance the Rapper and The Underachevers making hip hop like never before. So here are some artists you should keep your eye on for 2014.

Pastel Colours

Pastel Colours

Falmouth local Stanley Duke’ project with Josh Gibbs, Pastel Colours are a new pyschedelic rock band that emerged late this year from the mind of psychedelic wizard Josh, releasing one single they have started to recieve a lot of attention. Their groovey, funky and trippy sound will have you swaying and jiving like the summer of 69. Time to put a flower in your hair becuase psychedelic is back.


Stanley Duke’ project

Another Pyschedilic band to keep your eye on except these guys are from the midlands. This band has been very busy releasing singles and featuring on YouTube channel VEVO with a few live performances. They have also been touring their nuts off and have just finished in Tokyo, Japan. These guys bring something very special to the table with twisted elegant beats and vocals that could melt butter. Their much anticipated album is out Febuary 2014 and if that doesnt start to turn heads I don’t know what will.


James Archibald

These 90s style punks have been making some serious movements in terms of their music and with their following. This year saw them take a European tour and their very own headline tour across the U.K which was a complete success, they also made their way into front magazine with an 8 page feature. The 3 lads from Cornwall are really starting to make a dent in the rock scene and a rightly deserved place as one of the U.Ks coolest and hardest working bands. To make things even better, their live performances are equally as fantastic as their recordings. 2013 was very good to Gnarwolves, 2014 will only be bigger and better.

The Catharsis


These hard-rocking Brummies released their debut album ‘Romance’ early this year, and to say it got them some attention would be an understatement. With them receiving brilliant reviews from the likes of Rocksound and Terrorizer magazine, it’s hard to ignore them, especially with their in your face ferocity, brutal guitar riffs and honest lyrics.
They’re definitely a band to watch out for!
Don’t miss the chance to see them on their free entry “Worst Kept Secret” tour next year where they will be playing secret venues around the UK!

Mikal Cronin

Mikal Cronin

Mikal Cronin has had a busy career so far and has proved that he is capable of so much. He has played Bass with Ty Segall as well as doing a whole album with him, ‘Reverse Shark Attack’ saw Cronin shredding the guitar and Ty tearing the drum kit. 2013 saw Cronin release his second solo album titled “Mcii” which had a more pop take than his previous work. But his song writing abilities really shined on this album, it was catchy, clean and good fun. If he carries on like this he has the potential to be huge.


James Birchall

Falmouth based noise merchants had a fatastic 2013 having been together for only a few months they made a big name for themselves around the local area, playing shows at house parties and at local bars. Their energy cannot be matched, they are the perfect dancing rock band, no matter the venue you will find yourself going nuts. 2014 should see the release of an EP and many many more shows to be played, they have Falmouth locked down, next stop national domination.

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