Ponsharden Goes To | Moth, Hound, Samuel Hansen

By Jake Chadwick

There is something decidedly friendly about The Grapes Inn, and when they played host to three talented acts it provided a more than entertaining evening.

Samuel Hansen was first on and his acoustic set was received well by his eager eared audience, who, although seated, were still involved enough to throw out a few song suggestions. One of the most credible parts of Sam’s set was his more than impressive rendition of ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’ with full Louis Armstrong vocals. It showed another spectrum of his talent and as a first time listener was a bit of a shock.
Sam had a soft, edgy rock sound which had it’s own unique twist, well worth a listen.

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After some shuffling about Hound took centre stage and brought the crowd to their feet. They played such favourites as ‘Duck Rape’ and ‘Lazy Day Nightmare’ which met the crowds need for something a little more up-beat and punky as the evening progressed. Hound is quickly picking up their pace, with gigs and house party’s filling their calendars, that experience was more than evident in their set which was well held together with solid bass riffs and catchy synths.

Last on was Moth, a three piece band comprising of third year music tech students. They began their set with a math rock style, something fairly unique compared to other types of bands within the Falmouth area. Each band member is exceptionally talented, with the drummer standing out from the start. Around half way into their set they brought Sam back on stage and played a number of crowd pleasing songs including ‘In the house, in a heartbeat’ the theme from 28 days later.
Moth had a well-rounded sound with a definite post-rock edge, I was even fortunate enough to get one of their EPs.

An all-round brilliant evening and thanks to The Grapes Inn for hosting three acts all worthy of your attention.

For some highlights from the night take a look at this video!

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