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narwolves are fast becoming the U.K’s favourite punk band and rightly so, we spoke to them about their recent tour, skating and the album.
Sick, snot and poo just three things the lads experienced whilst on their Euro tour.

  • We would just like to say thanks for taking your time to do this! I saw you did your first headline tour in December, how do you feel about it?

Thank you dude! Sorry it took so long! The headline tour was miles beyond our expectations. The turn-outs were incredible, the responses from the crowd for us and for Nai Harvest were great, we had a really lovely time hanging out and topped it off with the biggest headline show we’ve ever done in our hometown, Brighton. Perfect way to end a year. We’re itching to get back out!

  • It has been a very successful and busy year for you guys, what was it like to see yourselves in a national magazine such as FRONT?

To be honest with you, getting press in magazines isn’t something we think too much about and we’d be just as happy without it. However, it is nice to have something to show our mums. It’s a nice way to show people outside of our little scene bubble that we exist. The day at Front magazine was funny, we had our reservations about the whole thing, but they were very nice dudes.

  • Have you managed to keep skating as things have got busier?

We always bring our boards on the road with us so being busier as a band doesn’t get in the way of skateboarding. Max and Charlie skate pretty much every day if it’s dry when we’re home and I cruise about as much as possible. Skating is always fun.

  • How long is Max going to grow his beard?

I don’t think he has any plans to chop it off. Period.

  • You guys toured across Europe in October, how did it go? What has been the most memorable place?

The tour in October was a real eye opener. We got to see some incredible places and meet some really inspiring people that were really involved in their communities musically. We stayed on some lovely floors this tour. I think our most memorable night was Poznan in Poland. Polish vodka is an absolute beast. It destroyed all of the following day, so we ended up driving through the night to Czech Republic, which is a pretty awesome no motorways, lorries appear out of nowhere, drive.

  • Any particular story from touring that has stayed in your mind?

See above!

  • Whats the most haggard thing that has happened whilst touring?

Sick, Snot, Poo, Piss and stale booze all play a large part of tour life unfortunately. Touring is a haggard experience in itself!

  • Lately a lot European countries are slowly decriminalising weed, do you think the U.K ever will?

Not with the current government. I think that society is becoming more moderate in it’s views towards cannabis. It’s certainly not viewed in the same way as other drugs. I don’t see why the hell it shouldn’t be decriminalised. Imagine if people smoked weed on the weekends instead of getting hammered drunk? We’d have a hell of a lot less smashed up town centres and a lot more perfect scores on Call Od Duty.

  • Finally, what can we expect from you guys in the future?

We’re writing an album, which is going really bloody well! We’re releasing a Discography record through Pure Noise in the States and Ice Grill$ in Japan. We’re going to Israel in February to play some shows with Kids Insane. We’re touring UK with A Wilhelm Scream in March. We’re having the best time.

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