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By Kieran Webber

Idaho has given birth to possibly one of the best rock bands I have had the pleasure of listening to in a long time, the hypnotic drums followed up by the heavy riffs and pure shriek of the guitar will take you on a lucid journey through the 60′s and 70′s. These guys seriously shred; imagine Captain Beefheart infused with Tom Waits.
“We’re usually the weirdest thing that happens on tour. We show up to a venue, order our whiskey, and nobody knows what the fuck to do with us”

  • Your music has a certain twisted dark sound where do you get your influence from?

Ben: Dreams, hallucinations, sunsets, and feedback.
Amber: If you ride your bike down Boise avenue just at the right time (early morning; just a few days in the spring), the sun hits these little pink flowers that grow out of the sidewalk and spill into the street, just perfectly. But once you’ve passed them, if you look back, they’re black with darkness and shadows and it’s like they were never there.
Brett: Existential crisis.

  • Most bands try to avoid relationships within the band, so how does Amber and Ben work? has it ever caused arguments?

Ben: We try to have regularly scheduled fist fights but it rarely works out.
Amber: We’ve been asked this before and it’s weird to me. We are all in the most intimate relationship with each other possible. It’s only natural to fall in love with the people you create with. I love them both.
Brett: Bember 4ever.

  • What music are you currently listening to?

Ben: Group Doueh : super cool african desert weirdness…and anything else fuzzy and spacey.
Amber: Well right now, I’m doing all my music homework for Treefort. But besides that I can not get my fill of Goat. Their rituals haunt me in the best way.
Brett: Autolux, atlas sound, panda bear, david bowies’s diamond dogs

  • Whats the weirdest thing that’s happened whilst on tour or whilst playing a show?

Ben: Once there was a cross town hike with acid circus performers that’s probably tied with that one time we played a show where there was an actual PA and we could hear what was going on!
Amber: We’re usually the weirdest thing that happens on tour. We show up to a venue, order our whiskey, and nobody knows what the fuck to do with us.
Brett: Once we played an anarchist backyard in a weed garden with chickens running around.

  • Music such as yours is making a real appearance again particularly in the U.S with artists such as Ty Segall, White Fence and White Denim (and you!) why do you feel this is?

Ben: People like fucked up sounds and wrong notes?
Amber: In this age of information, you can’t blame the people for being thirsty for more and wanting to feel something.
Brett: Those bands rip. i love the attitude. like a laid back “fuck you”

  • How did you get the name?

Ben: Once I traveled to the heart of a distant sun. Naturally, it was really hot and the only thing to drink was Jimi Hendrix’s blood….that might have been a dream.

  • Would you say there is a 60′s revival coming back?

Ben: There’s equal access to everything ever recorded and the best stuff rises to the top.
Amber: I fucking hope so: I’ll have a shot of Joplin with a Zeppelin back, please.
Brett: I hope so.

  • What’s in the mix for you guys? Shows in the U.K?

Ben: A hectic mix of recording and touring
Amber: I don’t know what will develop or where we’ll be but I do know we will still be together making music. We’re all excited for the adventure to come.
Brett: Make as many people feel strange as possible.

Head to their band camp and check out “Desert for Days”

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